Lee Merrien Running Groups

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Ruth Whitton

"The sessions are different every week and designed to increase your stamina and speed. Without realising it, I am now running faster and pushing myself harder than I ever would have. Every couple of months there is a fitness test, where you can see and “feel” if you have made any improvements. To date, my mile time has decreased by nearly 2 minutes, something I would never have thought possible if I had been doing this on my own. There is good technical advice from Lee, and I have noticed that I now “run” rather than shuffle along. All the members are supportive of each other and there is a lot of encouragement from everybody."


Piers Mitchell

"I love training as part of a group. I've made new friends and had a really good laugh and I always look forward to the week's session. No matter what's happened during the week I always know I will feel good after the session. It's really motivating, and I've learnt so much especially about proper warm ups and pacing. It's always fun doing new drills and discovering muscles I never knew I had.


Having the expertise of Lee, Ingy and Nicola is amazing and to get 1:1 feedback on technique is invaluable. 


Stuart Moseley

"Whilst the sessions can hurt they give you are a great sense of achievement, I think that the last interval session I did was the fastest I have run for over 25 years. The groups give you a varied training plan that I wouldn’t have even thought possible whilst having fun with other runners who are all sociable if not a little sweaty. I feel from a physical and mental point of view Lee's sessions are helping me to achieve better distance goals.


Becky Sherrngton "I always thought other people ran – certainly never me. Just before my 40th birthday I saw the opportunity to try Lee Merriens running group as part of a get fit week, so I decided to have a go. To my surprise it was a really friendly group of both men and women of all ages and all abilities. If you’ve never run, if you’ve always run, you will definitely love Lee’s Running Group! I tell everyone about running now and try to get everyone to come along to Lee’s groups."


"I only started running about 5 years ago and I am one of the older (and slower!) members of the group. At the time the thought of joining a running group was quite intimidating, but this is not the case. No matter how old, young, fast or slow you are, everyone is treated with the same respect by Lee, Ingy and Nicola. The training sessions are designed to be challenging and really make a difference to overall running fitness. Everyone who attends the group is interested about improving some aspect of their running, but there is also a great feeling of camaraderie, fun and enjoyment of the sessions."


Sam Sexton

"I have been coming to the Ladies' Running Group since the 2007 Race for Life. I have been running for 12 years but never seemed to get any faster. Since attending the running group I have taken an amazing 7 minutes off my half marathon time. Even on the days when I am tired from work or it is cold and dark and I don't fancy running I seem to go along to the running group anyway and always feel 100 percent better at the end. I know I wouldn't push myself anywhere near that hard on my own and we do something a bit different each week so it is always a fresh challenge."


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