Personalised Training Schedules 

One off training schedules with consultation:

For those looking to more self sufficent than our 1-2-1 coaching set up, we also provide one off individualised training schedules.  Whether you are training for new event/distance or looking to improve your personal best for an existing distance or race, we can help you be better prepared and utilize your training through a more tailored schedule to your requirements. 

We generally recommend that this process starts with a consultation either a face to face meeting or we arrange something via skype. Note prior to getting together with one of our coaches we will also send through some questionnaires so to identify key area of discussion. By having a consultation we can better talk through your goal(s), requirements, available time and essentially how best to put your schedule together in order to see the best results. We will also help you identify strengths and weaknesses, offer advice and guidance on potential race plans as well as giving you the opportunity to discuss any area of your running. 

We generally recommend our training schedules are provided in for no more than an 8-10 week period, depending on individual requirements and the time frame involved this allow for follow up or schedule to be broken down. This can be particularly useful for those who are prepared for events over longer periods of time, this allows you to provide feedback following the completion each schedule and for us to make adjustments based on how you adapting to the training. 

What you get: 
*Consultation (in person or via skype if in-person is not possible). 
*8-10 week training schedule along with resources & tools to monitor your training going forward.

If you are a member of one of our structured group sessions or you plan to use certain groups sessions or training runs within your schedule will factor these in and provide specific details and guidelines on your plan. That way you will know which option to follow (our group sessions contain different training options to suit different goals).

If you like more support in order to maximize your running,whatever your ability why not consider our     1-2-1 ONLINE COACHING SERVICE. 

For any further informaiton or details about any of the above please contact us at