Beginners ' Get into Running'

Whilst all of our groups cater for all abilities, we do appreciate that starting out running for the first time can be a daunting prospect for someone who doesn't run or might be struggling with their running fitness. If you fall into this category then our beginners course & schedule might be worth considering... 

Our beginners  'Get into Runing' course takes place over 6 weeks and are held sporadically through the year. Click here to see the date of next course.  Session are held on Wednesday evenings 6pm to approx 7.00/7.05pm & Saturday mornings 8.10 to 9.15am.

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''Thanks Lee and thank you for all your support these past 6 weeks. I literally have gone from no running to 30 min and a lot of it is down to the support of the group. I am actually looking forward to Saturdays Parkrun and ticking that final box!  Emma


''Many thanks to Lee and Nicola for great advice and encouragement. Met some fun people. Really enjoyed it''. Andrew


''I found the Get into Running training course very worthwhile as it provided me with a framework to build my endurance gradually withou feeling any pressure to do anything beyond my current ability. It provided a great opportunity to get involved with other people of a similar fitness level without feeling intimidated''. Vikki

Our course is open to both men and women and will take you from no running or indeed limited running to being able to run 5km over the course of approx. 6 weeks.  If you are someone who runs a little already but would just like to join other for training then you might want to consider one of our weekly group sessions. If however you are someone starting out from stratch or you are finding running a challenge and would like to be part of a group that is purely made up of people in the same position with two weekly sessions then our 6 week 'Get into Running' course is likely to be the best option.  

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''Thanks for your help and support I could not imagine doing this without the support from you and the group''. Claire

Thanks a million for your help Lee! I’ve actually loved it  Tracey