The Father Day Milk Run is back, bigger and better than ever... 


Lee Merrien Running has teamed up with GIAAC, official sponsors, the Guernsey Dairy, and broadcaster, Island FM, to bring to you a Milk Run-focused training page. Anyone can ran half marathon with the right preparation, a good sensible training schedule and a little determination!  

In the lead up to event itself, Island FM will be releasing regular training tips and advice on how best prepare, stay motivated and more, so tune in to hear my top tips.

Find yourself a reason to run, whether its personal achievement of running your first half marathon, to raise money for a good cause or simply to set your a challenge of running a half marathon in a certain time. Whatever your goal, below you will find a link to our training schedules which cater from beginners to more experienced runners.  

Be part of a great event and achieve your own personal goal. 

Click here for
 our beginners, intermediate & intermediate plus half marathon schedules.

All half marathon schedules are saved on the same link and you have the choice of Beginners, Intermediate or Intermediate Plus options, download for more information.

To sign up to the Half Marathon or download an entry form visit
Paper forms are also available at Fletcher Sports.
For updates and announcements, find the Guernsey Dairy Milk Run on Facebook too.