The Crimestoppers Speak up. Stay safe Runway Run 2019 

Crimestopper Runway run

Saturday 14th September 2019 is the date of the Crimestoppers 5km Speak Up Stay Safe Runway run.

A unique opportunity to run 5km on the Guernsey airport runway at night and we have teamed up with the organisors to offer free training schedules,  free group sessions, corporate sessions or for those not running to get involved with our 'Get into Running' course in preparations for the event... 

Our free schedules will cover from beginners to experienced in the build up to the event. You can download these from this page from August or if you want to kick start training now or get hold of your schedule earlier why not attend one of our Saturday morning Group session (completely free of charge)*.  These sessions include a range of warm up, mobility exercises and running drills for you to then incorporate into your training... as well as providing you with a group environment of like minded individuals also training for the same event. 

But I don't do any running? 

If you're not currently running or you find you are struggling with running for any length of time why not join our next beginners 'Get into Running' course in the lead up to the Crimestoppers Runway Run. This is a 6 week course with two sessions per week for those with limited or no current running experience, aimed at kick starting your running and get you to the start line in the best possible shape and injury free. Whether it's to run either your first 5km, or perhaps your first for a while to find out more about our 'Get into Running' course check out the page here.

Corporate Group Sessions...
The Crimestoppers Runway Run also includes a corporate/team category... are you interested in setting up a team with your work colleagues ? Why not contact us for a one off training session or some regular corporate group sessions.  Simply drop us an email to find out more about these. This session can help team-building, improve your fitness levels and performance whilst promoting your business brand……. get in touch to find more about the options available.

Already running...

For those who already run but might want to progress their running fitness, why not come along to our Saturday group where we can provide you with coaching/guidance on running specific warm ups, drills and some new and varied training sessions to further your running and keep injury free too. There's no charge for attending a session simply email us to book to ensure we have space, email to book a place* 

*Spaces are subject to availability and are on a first come first serve basis.