2020 Butterfield - Fathers Day Half Marathon

Butterfield 2020 Half Marathon

Download our 12 week schedules below... 

Beginners (firstimer) schedule        Aimed at some currently running up to approx 3mile 2-3 times per week limited running experience . Whilst not exclusively so this schedule is aimed at someone likely to run approx 2hr20 to 2hr 50.
Beginners - Intermediate schedule   Aimed at someone regularly running at least 3 times per week and already running 4-6miles at least once per week & some event experience, including a previous half marathon. Whilst not exclusively so aimed at someone likely to run in the region of 2hr to 2hr 15mins. 
Intermediate plus schedule  Aimed at somone regularly running 4 times per week (possible more) and whilst not exclusively so is aimed at someone likely to run 1hr 40min to 1hr 55. You should also have some experience of intervals or tempo/faster pace runs. 

All our above plans include guidance on intensity / training zone using colour coded reference guide (hopefully for ease). Checkout some 
recommended dynamic warm up exercises for beginners in the video below. 

If however you would like to join other runners in your preparations, learn more on the technical side of running, comprehensive warm ups, enjoy being part of a group and progressing your running... contact Lee about taking up free trial session at one of group training sessions...  Lee@leemerrienrunning.com