About Us

Lee Merrien Running is a Guernsey based running coaching business co-ordinated by London 2012 Olympian Lee Merrien.

We offer a variety of running groups based here in Guernsey as well as online coaching services and other running related services such as personalised training plans, consultations to help get your running on track as well as conditioning sessiosn for runners. 

Lee Merrien Running Groups started out back in 2008 but has expanded to range of different on island running groups but all geared to encouraging and catering for those either not part of a running club or indeed those looking to progress their running to the next level. 

We have groups for all abilities from those getting into running for the first time to those with higher level aspirations with their running. We aim to cater for all abilities andactively try to encourage more people into running. We are passionate about running and love nothing more than to see runners fulfill their goals and ambitions.


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