1-2-1 Coaching 

Personal Coaching Service

Our online coaching services offer's not only a personalised approach to your running but enables you to work closely with one of our coaches so to utilize every area of your performance, as well as offering support and guidance as and when required. Your training schedule will be provided via online software which you can access and updated on your smart phone (should you wish too) with regular monitoring and feedback provided from your coach as well as regular catch ups (should this be required). 

What you get:
* Your own 1-2-1 coach  
* Your own online diary via software & smartphone app (compatible with most gps devices)
* Personalised training schedule - usually updated in 2 to 3 week training blocks or as and when appropriate.
* Regular monitoring and regular feedback on your training.
* Email access to your coach as required (replies within 24hrs).
* whatsapp/skype/facetime calls intermitently for a proper catch up.
* Assistance on goal setting, planning and identifying area's for development.
* On going support, advice & planning as well as basic allround advice in order help take your running in positive direction.

''The results speak for themselves, whilst under Lee, I've managed to beat my HM pb at the age of 40 in 1:11. I'm running faster now than ever before. Training is uploaded on TrainingPeaks (online software via smart phone app) where I can review sessions in advance and then provide feedback to Lee immediately after.  Communication with Lee is a two way system and not just a standard program from the net that doesn’t take life into account'' .  Bruno F (Bruno has since gone on to run a marathon PB in Berlin 2019 of 2.29.36)

Whatever level you are or however long you have been running we believe it's very important that you set yourself clear and concise goals and a have clear idea of the actions required in order achieve your individual running goals. Our 1-2-1 coaching set up wiill help you work through and identify the areas for development, how best to pull it all together as well as offering you the peace of mind that you are on the right track.

''Training with Lee has given me a more disaplined approach to my training. Lee took me back to the basics and helped teach me a professional approach to running. The results are proof of this. New PB times from 5k distance up to the marathon distance. Achieving a sub 1.30 for the half marathon in Cardiff, sub 3.20 (London GFA) marathon time in Brighton and another PB marathon time in London of 3h 17m. I am fitter now at the age of 61 than I have ever been''. Julian M

To find out if we have availability or for more information contact lee@leemerrienrunning.com.  Whilst Lee is the lead coach this is subject to availability, we also have other coaches who with us. We also only take on small number of runners to ensure that they get the best possible level of input and contact.

''I think the setup is great and something that shouldn't actually be taken for granted. Lee is in regular contact via email and gives excellent feedback which is clear and specific. Under this program I probably pay more attention to the smaller details. I think Lee's attention to detail is what set's this program apart from the majority of others. The training is challenging but still manageable............well so far!'' James F

If you prefer to be self sufficent but would like a more individualised plan to follow why not have a consultation with us on what changes you need to make and a have personalised training plan put together to help you get there...